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"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties...
when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved"
- Sam Adams

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The KrisAnne Hall Show covers current events in the context of the Constitution and the vision of our founding fathers; asking the questions and giving the truth you won't hear from other media sources.

We are a Teach Show not a Talk show.  Giving you the daily news they way it should be told.  Fact not Fake.  Truth not Propaganda.  Principle not Party.

Shows can be heard on the website, the Liberty First mobile app as well as on the Liberty First YouTube Channel.

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Show Koerner

One of the most valuable interviews I have every done with author, speaker, and great friend Robin Koerner. Robin explains how to convert a liberal and other powers of political persuasion!

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 Show Liberty Millennial

Listen as I interview a Liberty Millennial! Taegan was an intern with us and a student at Hillsdale College. She will tell us a bit about her generation...good & bad.

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Today is a special edition of the KrisAnne Hall Show. We will be spending the show hearing the very same words George Washington's troops heard before crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day. It will be as inspiring today, as it was then.
Merry Christmas.


Show Christmas

WATCH today's KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube!

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Merry Christmas. Tis' the season for political chaos...sigh. Border wall. Budget Crisis. Constitutional Chaos. Looming Government Shutdown. Time to hear the good news of solutions, rather than the gloom & doom propaganda.

Show Wall Shutdown

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