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"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties...
when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved"
- Sam Adams

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The KrisAnne Hall Show covers current events in the context of the Constitution and the vision of our founding fathers; asking the questions and giving the truth you won't hear from other media sources.

We are a Teach Show not a Talk show.  Giving you the daily news they way it should be told.  Fact not Fake.  Truth not Propaganda.  Principle not Party.

Shows can be heard on the website, the Liberty First mobile app as well as on the Liberty First YouTube Channel.

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Show New House Rules

Just a few new rules proposed for the House, but you need to know where these rules will take America. These rules will likely be some of the worst things to happen to America from the federal government in decades.


WATCH the KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube!

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Show Cortez New Deal

Current Events Like You Won't Hear anywhere else.
More party favors from Ocasio-Cortez
What is this Bi-Partisan movement to Amend the Constitution?
And... You might actually be surprised by what KrisAnne has to say about Sheila Jackson Lee's latest statement.

WATCH the KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube!

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Show EC Fed Drug

Democrat Rep Cohen from TN has submit legislation for a Constitutional Amendment to End the Electoral College.  Democrat Senator Warren from MA has submit a bill to establish a new federal bureaucracy that will manufacture drugs.  Let's review these pieces of legislation and see what we need to do to combat the lies that WILL burn America to the ground.

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Show Conserv Scotus

There's a new media narrative on the rise... "for the first time since 1936 we have a conservative majority in the Supreme Court."
Is there any truth in that statement? How does our court fair when compared to this new media driven profession? Let's hold them up to the standard and see what happens.

WATCH the KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube!

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