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"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties...
when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved"
- Sam Adams

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The KrisAnne Hall Show covers current events in the context of the Constitution and the vision of our founding fathers; asking the questions and giving the truth you won't hear from other media sources.

We are a Teach Show not a Talk show.  Giving you the daily news they way it should be told.  Fact not Fake.  Truth not Propaganda.  Principle not Party.

Shows can be heard on the website, the Liberty First mobile app as well as on the Liberty First YouTube Channel.

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Federal Judge Reed O'Connell in Texas has held Obamacare to be Unconstitutional on two grounds. What does that mean for the "repeal & replace" mantra. What does that mean for you? Let us help you instead of trying to indoctrinate you.

READ The Real Consequences of a National Healtcare Program

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Red Flag Laws are not only an infringement of an individual’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms, they are an egregious denial of an individual’s Rights to due process and property.  In Texas the RedFlag-style process is being implemented even without a law being passed by the legislature.  Brandon Masin, a conservative first year law student at the University of North Texas, Dallas College of Law is being subjected to RedFlag-style targeting.


Show Brandon


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The federal government is flying out of control. With Flynn, Cohen, & even legislation- deception, intrigue, & full on assault of the Constitution and the rule of law is the name of the game.

That's why we give it to you straight. Just truth & the Constitution. No pro-Trump - anti-Trump spin here!



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The Swansong of the Conservative Majority wasn't to spread liberty or reduce government... Nope, it was the exact opposite. Please do not support this behavior!  Please do not defend it!  Please call you Congressman TODAY!  You know you have to hear it hear, because you won't hear it anywhere else. #LibertyFirst!

Don't forget to REGISTER for our In Defense of Liberty Training coming up in January!!  The Future of Liberty Needs YOURegister HERE

You can also WATCH the KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube

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