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 Written by: R. Altomare, Founder BreathEasy App

Serious question: Has Ashton Kutcher come out with a new ‘Punked’ show aimed at Conservative Voters that I haven’t heard of? Does Lucy Van Pelt now intern for Ronna McDaniel?  

Controlled opposition shills such as Ben Shapiro tell us we need better candidates to win elections.  Our so-called ‘elected’ officials tell us to ‘vote harder’ next time. This is naïve at best and absolute gaslighting at worst.  They are asking Conservatives to essentially “bring a vote to a cheat fight.” I will no longer participate in good faith in a contest where cheating is occurring. You know and I know that Sloth did not beat out Dr. Oz for the US Senate in Pennsylvania (on what planet did you think that sentence would ever be spoken?). 

Oh, And Spare Us Your ‘Analysis’ 

When I see talking heads and other propagandists talking at us, their so-called ‘analysis’ tries to explain to us plebes “what went wrong.” But it is the framing of their questions that reveals the lie. They ask, “Why didn’t Republicans perform as expected?”  But this implies that the failure was somehow our fault (e.g. bad candidates or not voting hard enough).  

Here’s what you’ll never hear: “How in the hell did Democrats win with enthusiasm on the Right rivaled only by the Left’s rank criminality?” or “How is it possible that candidates who couldn’t fill a high school gym won so overwhelmingly…again?” This is the tell, patriot. They cheated, they KNOW they cheated, and this is why they frame their rhetoric the way they do. 

Give us your over-taxed, over-regulated, your deplorables yearning to breathe free. 

Here’s what we know: It simply does not matter how many voters participate when your enemy counts the votes.  ‘Voting harder’ is not a strategy to win a fixed game. ‘Better candidates’ don’t win elections (just ask Dr. Oz how that worked in his rigged contest against Sloth).  

One solution by Governor DeSantis was the implementation of a variety of election integrity measures which appears to have had great success. This, combined with refugees from California and New York, culminated in a successful election. How many accusations of cheating have you seen coming out of Florida as compared to Arizona? 

Others such as Gab CEO, Andrew Torba, agree with my own thinking that we must create a parallel everything to combat the rigged system. It is the ultimate nullification. Who cares if Alameda, Portland or Chicago try to shutter your business when you are mobbed by Patriots throwing money at you when you ask for help? BreathEasy calls this a “BUYCOTT.” Talk about “power to the people…” 

But isn’t there a third choice? If the Communists insist on cheating, their cheating removes any requirement for us to abide by the rules of the contest also. Their cheating has given us permission to join them in the cheat. And it is this choice that goes completely uncommented upon by ANY on the Right. If we truly want to wrest control from our rulers, shouldn’t we turn our elections into a ‘may the best cheater win’ scenario and beat them at their own game? 

How to Create A Level Playing Field – The Lance Armstrong Stratagem 

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2013, Lance Armstrong admitted to doping to win the Tour de France seven times. While his admission sent the world into a tizzy of scandal and comeuppance, Armstrong made two interesting statements that were completely uncommented upon by anyone.   

Let’s see if you see now what I saw then: 

“…Winfrey asked Armstrong whether his actions felt wrong, or whether he felt bad or whether they even felt like cheating. His answer to each of those questions: "No." 

"I viewed it as a level playing field," he said. 

And this gem: 

“…He also said he didn't believe that it was possible to win seven titles without using drugs "in that culture."” 

Do you see it?  

Lance implied that he was not the only athlete cheating. He asserted that in order to have a chance of winning at all, doping was absolutely required.  It was the “culture” of the Tour de France that required doping in order to be competitive at all. All poor Lance did was accept the premise. 

Therefore, if we apply Armstrong’s choice to the criminally compromised elections of the American Empire, there is an argument that says, if you want to win a contest where your adversary cheats, you must join the criminals in their criminality. This, at least, would ‘level the playing field’ and turn the contest into a ‘may the best cheater win’ scenario. This solution states that we MUST cheat if we are to continue to play the game. 

Many of my brethren on the Right will (and should) instinctively wince at such a suggestion. They would rightfully say, “cheating will make us no better than criminals” and “two wrongs don’t make a right.”  

My cynical follow up to this would be: Sure, but how bad do you want to win? 

Let’s look at why Lance made the choice he made.  Lance claimed he doped because of his 

"… ruthless desire to win"  

Would we say that conservatives have a ‘ruthless desire to win?’ I think it’s obvious we have a STRONG desire to win, sure. You might even say we have a RIGHTEOUS desire to win.  But we most definitely do not have a RUTHLESS desire to win.  

However, the Communists unfortunately do. You and I both know that stripped of their power and influence, our enemies would find it mighty hard to get their (our!) chauffeured limos and private jets if they didn’t feel entitled to leverage any and every tool at their disposal to keep the shrimp cocktail flowing. It’s not like that Gender Studies degree from Vasser qualifies them for anything other than flipping burgers and organizing riots. 

But here is where we find the flaw in Lance’s self-justification. His desire to ‘win’ at any cost (which included his honor) was what forced him to compromise his values. Looking from the outside in, the more honor-preserving choice for Lance might have been to simply not participate in a compromised contest.  

So am I in favor of cheating harder than our Communist enemies? No. Above all else, we must maintain our honor and our right to hold our head up high. Our wins must be airtight. However, I am certainly NOT in favor of holding our head up high enough for it to be lopped off by the mob during our own American Reign of Terror that is most assuredly likely with this crop of latter day Robespierres. 

But in a contest that is irreparably corrupted, there is no valid argument to continue to compete. 

Our solution lies in pouring gas on what Governor DeSantis has recently merely toyed with. The 10th Amendment is, by a mile, the strongest of the Amendments contained within the American Constitution. It is also the small exhaust port on the Empire’s Election Fraud Space Station. Dare I say it is the BreathEasy solution implemented at the State level? 

For those newcomers to Constitutional thinking, the 10th Amendment states quite simply: 

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 

We have seen that criminals absolutely rely on the centralization of power within the Executive Branch to maintain their cheat. The 10th Amendment is the Patriot Governors’ tool to nullify federal criminality, illegal mandates or other usurpations and insults to a Free People.  

Yes, they will rage and they will whine. They will call it a Constitutional Crisis and defend their central authoritarianism even if it means ruling over ashes afterwards. They will also demonstrate their belief that ‘might makes right.’  

But the Free States of America will summarily ignore all of it.  Every State in this Union of American States is a sovereign nation unto itself. We must relearn the notion of American ‘dual sovereignty.’ Our solution is not held in one election or a single savior individual. Our solution is generational and will take time until their criminality crumbles into a heap and nothing is left of it except for a footnote in a far-future history book and the echoes of long dead harpies. 

We have our solution; in fact, we always did. We know that the Communists cannot and will not allow a fair election. It is time to leverage the 10th Amendment to its fullest expression and declare in one voice that we are not mere subdivisions of a federal empire. We are States, sovereign nations in our own right. 

And when these newly minted ‘leaders’ attempt to exercise stolen authority, it will be met with a deafening indifference as we live our lives within our State borders and watch as our crops and our children take root and grow to feed our future, rooted in republican government, a Constitutional Rule of Law and a cherishing of Individual Liberty. 


R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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Never let your enemy color your perceptions in war.

If you get your information from the mainstream media and ‘mockingbird’ twits, you might think that our Great Cause is running towards a cliff. You might think that victory is a hair’s breadth away from being lost utterly.

Patriot, nothing could be further from the truth.

We must keep top of mind that the Second American Revolution is a war fought on an Information Battlefield and not the plains of Europe or deserts of the Middle East. Gone are the days of ‘rockets’ red glare.’

We must also remember that we are all soldiers in this war.

In days of yore, we fought to take and keep terrain. Whether that terrain was filled with minerals or agricultural potential, it was a fight for terrain, nonetheless. And the factions who fought over this terrain engaged in the destruction of the infrastructure within the boundaries and borders of these lands in order to take that terrain and keep it.

But this is extremely inefficient! Because the moment the terrain was taken, the very same infrastructure that was destroyed in war has to be rebuilt. So then why destroy the very same infrastructure the winning side needs afterwards?

Because destroying infrastructure was only a means to an end: to destroy the will of the inhabitants to defend their little patch. Once you destroy the will to resist, the land is yours for the taking.

But the battlefield has changed: We are no longer defending a spot of ground, even one the size of a nation. No, we are defending an idea that has been at the corners of our collective minds since time immemorial: that men are born free owing allegiance to no authority placed over them except for their God.

Our enemies feel differently, however. Our enemies, the enemies of Freedom, believe that they have a right to control those they see as ‘lesser.’ Whether through fiduciary power or by birthright, these groups and individuals are attempting to maintain the claim over you that they have held for centuries. It is only through the coordination of coincidences and events, together with divine providence, that has brought us to where we are now.

As I said, the 20th century battlefield does not involve killer robots or flying cars as we’ve seen in our dystopian science fiction of the last 150 years. Instead, it is an invisible battlefield where ideas are offered, elevated and suppressed in order to take the ultimate spoils: The Human Mind. It is this new mode of warfare that preserves the infrastructure that our enemies covet so much while gaining them ultimate control over the population that inhabits it.

Eager slaves make for easy prisoners.

And here’s the irony of it all! We are inundated with doom and gloom ideas from both sides of this conflict!

  • Our enemies suppress our wins on the battlefield to break our will to fight.
  • Our allies perversely suppress our wins on the battlefield to inspire us to fight harder.

Where does this leave the citizen-soldier? Nothing but depressed, dejected and absolutely sure of our eventual defeat and delivery to ‘serfitude.’

I am here to tell you a different story, patriot. I am going to tell you that we are not only winning our war, we are winning bigly. I am not only hopeful for our shared future, but I am also impatient for its most assured arrival.

Let me explain:

I spent a significant amount of my career in the ‘War on Terrorism.’ And, to make sure American Hegemony was correctly defined, this effort was called the GWOT, the Global War on Terror. One of the key tactics used in the Global War on Terror was the targeting and elimination of terror leadership.

This is done because eliminating leadership disrupts the enemy’s ability to command and control his forces (albeit temporarily). This is also done because identifying leadership is actually a fairly elementary exercise. Carpet bombing a city is no longer necessary when you can literally fire a missile with its target’s name written on the nose cone.

But what must be kept in mind is that when a terror cell leader is removed from the battlefield, his absence creates a vacuum that must be filled to keep your soldiers in the fight. Of course, when the replacement is found, our strategy never changed: we conducted another decapitation by eliminating this NEW leader. And again, as the last time, our GWOT enemies were again forced to find a replacement and thrust this new individual into the crosshairs of yet another American cruise missile. The metric then became the time between leadership decapitations.

This process does not go on forever, however! As the enemy is forced to plumb his ranks again and again to fill the bloody crater that was the previous leader, the quality of leadership begins to drop off.

This is another key difference in warfare now versus warfare before: The question of winning is no longer who has more bombs and butter, but rather how deep is your adversary’s bench?

And it is THIS metric that I want to draw your attention to, Patriot.

Do not measure our successes or failures by what CNN or Fox News tells you. If you want to truly see how well we are doing, start by assessing the depth of our enemy’s bench. Look to the candidates that they offer up to fill the vacuum of previously removed individuals. You think the Democrats’ mascot, AOC, got to where she is because she was some deep Leftist thinker or Marxist PhD from Trotsky Technical College?

And here’s the best part: Our enemies’ foundational makeup has a fatal flaw embedded within it. Their underlying belief is that centralization of power is good. But this only makes sense if you’re running a criminal enterprise (and they are, and it does). Over the last 60-160 years, the enemies of the Human Spirit have consolidated power into a small cadre of individuals to such an extent that their bench is about as deep as AOC’s comprehension of the Free Market.

The political incest that exists is at Hapsburg levels now and there is now curing it. As their leaders are imprisoned, killed or ‘hammered’ by their gay prostitutes, they have no bench on which to draw replacements and extend the war.

Do they truly mean to tell us that their best option, their best candidate is John Fetterman? Is it truly possible that they thought a former Goonie was their best weapon against the dual citizenship-having RINO, Mehmet Oz (Yes, we are fully aware of Oz’s RINO status) in the midst of a Red-Tsunami?

Here’s our enemy’s dirty little secret that they’ll never tell you: he IS their best candidate! Otherwise, this moron wouldn’t have gotten out of the bush leagues of West Yokel, Pa. They have no others to offer up. They have no one that can legitimately, cohesively and cogently make the argument that their guy is better than ‘our’ guy. This is ultimately GOOD NEWS for us, and not just for a single election but because it indicates the depth of their bench. They have nobody else.

Patriot, this is a war. And in war there are victories and there are losses. But I will tell you what even our own allies won’t tell you: we are doing much better than anyone wants to let on. You should be paying attention to trends and key metrics that indicate the underlying truth and AVOID corrupt polls and bought-and-paid-for shills from BOTH sides.

And yes, we are definitely in uncharted territory with the ongoing Constitutional crisis they have created, but here’s the good news: it’s just as uncharted for our enemies as it is for us.

This means those people with the best ability to roll with the punches and see the bigger picture, wins. You really think they have what it takes to survive for the long haul?

Our enemies are a joke.

R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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Last week, I ran across an article by some talking head/propagandist who told us that Latin Americans, by their very nature, are racists. Yup! I couldn’t believe it either. It came about when they attempted to cover for the LA City Council’s recent (secretly recorded) racist remarks by attributing their racism to “latinidad.” 

In case you hadn’t yet heard on your local Big Brother Outlet, several LA City Council members have resigned when their objectively racist remarks during an official meeting with Labor were secretly recorded (likely) by the very people they were meeting and then leaked online. 

Now, for my readers who do not speak Spanish, “latinidad” basically translates to “Latin-ocity” or “Latin-itude.” “Latinidad,” just like it’s English approximations, sounds just as invented in Spanish as it does in English. It’s a made-up word that roughly translates to ‘all things Latino.’ 

In the article that I ran across the other day (and I DO apologize that I can’t find it again), the writer was trying to downplay the abject racism that these elected officials displayed while conducting official business by attributing their racism to “Latinidad.” In other words, this propagandist tried to play off racism by his tribe by saying, “that’s just Latinos being Latinos.”  Next thing we’re going to hear is, “Puerto Ricans are ‘passionate.’”

So, if you’re following along, this guy just painted an entire hemisphere as unreconstructed, uncivilized racists who are incapable of functioning in a modern society without letting their inner bigot-flag fly. If there were a broader brush with which to paint a people, I can’t imagine it.  The giant irony here is that this ‘pundit’ exposed and confirmed his own “unconscious bias” when he demonstrated that racist birds DO flock together. 

So, taking this crypto-racist seriously, why not take his idiotic statement and run with it? Stop ignoring their obvious spin and force them to embrace it and everything it implies.  By his own statement, he claims every Latino is racist. And because this is a de facto disqualifier for participation in civilized society, did he just inadvertently disqualify every Latino from ever holding public office ever again?

His statement about latinidad was a throwaway statement never meant to be taken seriously or remembered; he had to say something to protect his tribe.  But instead of letting his statement drift away and be forgotten like so much smoke in a mild breeze, we should start holding these zealots accountable for their statements and force them to LIVE their spin.

Here’s what I mean:

During the next selection election in Los Angeles, why not ask the Democrat Latino candidate, “it’s been said that all Latinos are racist. How will you overcome your racism and represent ALL Angelenos?”  When they huff and puff and refuse to ‘dignify your question with a response,’ remind them of the LA City Council’s episode of official, casual racism now on display. Force them to confront the hypocrisy of their tribe and ball them up in knots as they try to extricate themselves. Don’t forget to laugh at them, the comedy writes itself.

And in case you thought democrats’ racism was limited to just Los Angeles elected officials, let me remind you of a speech in 2001 where Justice Soto-Mayor said,

“…Justice O'Connor has often been cited as saying that a wise old man and wise old woman will reach the same conclusion in deciding cases…I am also not so sure that I agree with the statement…”

“…I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life [emphasis mine].”

Notice that where former Justice O’Connor explicitly stated the equal capability of both men and women, Soto-Mayor disagreed with the premise!  Instead, she inserted race into a non-racial discussion and said that “Latinos” are inherently ‘better.’  Not only did she explicitly claim that a Latino woman, by virtue of her race, would render a better judgment, but she is apparently casting herself in the role of this ‘wise Latina.’

My God, the hubris. Is it any wonder these people thought they could mandate that the entire world to wear a worthless surgical mask slave muzzle at their local Piggly Wiggly? This is how these people think.

So, how do we make Soto-Mayor live and defend her own stupid claim?

Soto – Mayor should be publicly and loudly asked this question at every possible occasion: “How can you judge ANY case or pretend to be impartial if you are a known racist?”

Or here’s another one, “Can you point to any decisions where your ‘latinidad’ produced a better decision than your white or male counterparts?”

Don’t forget: these aren’t our definitions; these aren’t our rules. These are the definitions that our enemies have offered themselves. We must force them to defend their hypocrisy. And as you’ve seen in recent years, they twist themselves into Gordian Knots defending the indefensible, and it’s hilarious!

Here’s another case illustrative of the larger point:

During her confirmation hearing for SCOTUS earlier this year, Katanji-Brown was asked and couldn’t answer what a woman was. In spite of the fact that she, herself, was equipped with the requisite equipment indicative of the gender, she was still unable to define herself.  She answered by saying that she “wasn’t a biologist.”

Who knew?! Who knew that one needed a bachelor’s degree in the natural sciences to figure out which clothing department at Target to buy its clothes (you know she ain’t no Walmart grrrl)!

Now you and I both know that her stupid answer was nothing more than a dodge to avoid the wrath of the Alphabet People.  But to this I say, “fine! Good!” We now have a SCOTUS justice who testified that she is so ignorant of…of….geeze, I can’t even describe how BASIC the information is that she claims ignorance of.  Katanji-Brown claims ignorance of something so basic that 3-year-olds have figured it out. 

To be honest, I think the confirmation committee really missed an opportunity here to force her to live her non-truth.  Some great follow up questions could have been,

“OK, I understand that you would like to avoid answering questions so broad and expansive that you risk offending someone; that is very polite of you.  So, let me ask you: Are YOU a woman? Are there any justices on the Court now that you suspect of being a woman?”

The irony here is that we, again, have their own words to declare their stupidity and obtuseness. We aren’t ascribing or speculating at all. Our future dismissal of literally any opinion she renders will be answered with, “yeah, but can she tell me what a woman is?” as we laugh at her.

Again, to this I say, “fine!”  Why? Because she has absolutely disqualified herself from rendering ANY opinion at all, ever, inside the courtroom or out, that has even the slightest sexual component. 

These justices give interviews, so why don’t we take it upon ourselves to make sure we make it through the call screener with the Communist-friendly (and obviously falsely premised) question, “You are so brave! What’s it like to be the first POC on the court?” and then, when you make it on the air, you instead ask, “I loved how you handled your confirmation hearings! But how do you know you’re not a man?”

These people not only should be mocked, but they should be mocked mercilessly, publicly and at every opportunity. These animals and anti-civilization zealots absolutely seek the limelight and adoration of their tribe. We should infiltrate that tribe (you know, like the K-FBI-GB infiltrates domestic terrorist groups that they themselves create) and cause absolute havoc.  The bonus here is that because every value they have, every special sub-group that exists for them (infinitely sub-divided to create specialness out of people who are uniquely not special at all), when they attempt to use logical gymnastics to defend the indefensible, they will invariably insult or sleight some other sub-group. This is how internecine warfare is fostered; blow on that smoldering ember.

We are at war and going on the offense is NEVER a bad idea. No army has ever won a war playing defense. These people are absolutely ripe for mockery and ego deflation. Let’s help that along, shall we?

With You In The Fight,
R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
Find Patriot Businesses, Spread the Word, Live Your Life

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There’s just something about Leftists that, if they weren’t so dangerous, they’d be hilarious.
The one defining characteristic all woke Leftists share is their unending narcissism that (counter-intuitively) never leads to any sort of introspection or self-awareness. How is that even possible? How can these earnestly blindered individuals gaze into Narcissus's’ mirrored lake and rejoice in their glorious wokeness, yet never even suspect that they might have been lied to and turned into a useful idiot by truly evil men?
Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not mocking fools for being fooled. I am mocking them for NEVER questioning their certainty. We see an unending list of Communist agitators masquerading as politicians who pervert laws and regulations in the sorry hope of ensnaring Conservatives. But in spite of Leftist politicians’ fancy suits, big words and scary regulations, all I TRULY see is Wiley E. Coyote trying to wrangle the Road Runner with some new contraption doomed to fail. Despite his best efforts and seemingly unending credit line with Acme, every snare Wiley sets not only fails, but backfires and boomerangs on the poor Mr. Coyote in spectacular fashion. And the same goes for the Communists currently 'in power.'
As best I can tell, I think Acme has begun marketing their contraptions to the Communists now holding office, These poor fools are always coming out with some new fangled regulation, agency or law that they are assured will finally lead them to ultimate power and hegemony. But, just like Wiley, when they eagerly open the crate of their new toy in a doomed effort to lasso Liberty and bring the Human Spirit to heel, it fails spectacularly and, as we've seen in recent years, boomerangs on them only multiplying their failure.
Consider the election of 2016. If you remember, the Democrat Primary became a race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. But Bernie wasn’t in the club and Hillary bribed ‘the man of the people’ with (at least) a house in the Hamptons.
Now with Bernie out and the "Bernie Bros" forced (forced!) to support the Demo(n)crat Hillary, Trump wiped the floor with her and beat her easily. The utter irony of Hillary’s loss was that it was her own corruption that lost it for her. Bernie would have beaten Trump. Talk about a boomerang. Not only did she lose the election, but she has been playing defense ever since.
And it’s happening again. In an effort by the Left to dunk on an obviously competent Florida administration in the aftermath of a Hurricane, they only dunk on themselves for anyone who’s mildly paying attention.
Consider where the Communist Wiley Coyotes have currently maneuvered themselves over the last several years: When Hillary removed the political version of Pete Seeger and hero, Bernie Sanders, from contention, their corruption ushered in the single most popular President since George Washington. Ouch!
This in turn led to an unmitigated rout of the Deep State, Energy Independence, an expansion of the middle class, a reduction of the Administrative State and a Conservative Supreme Court, among many other things.
Winning! (h/t Charlie Sheen)
Further, the election of their sworn enemy and the results he produced also led to a massive awakening of the population to their evil at the least opportune moment possible: the Information Age, and this awakening has been accompanied with the awakened citizenry taking up the gauntlet that DJT provided and has taken the fight (decisively) to the enemy. Talk about bad luck!
Which brings us to present day. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Free Florida was hit by the powerful and devastating, Hurricane Ian, recently and our 5th Column dutifully lined up to hurl accusations of incompetence at America’s Governor, Ron DeSantis. But of course we all knew they would do that, so that’s not the story here. What the real story is, is how their own corruption boomerangs on the Communists and only serves to weaken their own cause.
So again, the Communists’ corruption is ultimately leading to their own destruction, just as it did in 2016. They have colluded and selected ‘Joe Biden’ to be their patsy so they may wield power behind the throne to enslave the world. But in their desire for total control, they never considered that putting forward a dementia patient only emphasizes through contrast the absolute competence of the governors of Texas and Florida. This inescapable comparison only FAVORS federalism and the primacy of the State over the Federal.
By their corruption, they have made the argument implicitly that LOCAL government is superior to CENTRAL government. Like I said, if they weren't so dangerous, these fools would be hilarious.
And now we’re back to the Wiley E. Coyote boomerang effect. In their desire to centralize power into a King-President, they have inadvertently made the argument for smaller government and a State-centric focus. These fools believed that in order to create centralized power, they needed to install an actual dementia patient. Fools leading fools.
All I can say now, as they make the slow realization that they have utterly destroyed their movement once and for all is, "meep meep."
R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
Find Patriot Businesses, Spread the Word, Live Your Life
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One BreathEasy Vote at a Time!
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It’s time we recognize and accept who is really in charge. It’s about time we get on board with the current 'leadership' and I can’t think of a better time than NOW to do it.
Our betters have demonstrated through their actions that they know what’s best, they have identified which laws are ‘must follow’ laws and which laws are optional. Too long has their example been ignored by we, the great unwashed.And kudos to Governors Abbot and DeSantis for also accepting the Communists’ proper leadership and example.
In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, Governor Abbot took his cue from President Brandon and began shipping illegals present within Texas’ borders into the interior of the country; an act that was exactly what the Brandon regime had been doing for months if not his entire ‘presidency.’
I applaud Governor Abbot in recognizing the wisdom of simply accepting that the unlawful entry into the country should not only be ignored, but facilitated and expanded with free plane tickets to every corner of our fruited plains. By Governor Abbott’s actions, now we truly are ‘all in this together.’
Not to be outdone in seeking the favor of President Brandon, America’s Governor, Governor DeSantis followed suit and similarly began shipping sanctuary seekers directly to self – declared sanctuary cities of NYC and Martha’s Vineyard. It seems that Governors Abbot and DeSantis have decided to take the Goose/Gander theory and put it into action.Surely, now, boons and laurels from the Capitol must begin to shower upon our once recalcitrant governors!

Now, the Hidey/Hoe administration should be ecstatic that two of the most conservative (and popular) leaders in the country have gotten onboard the Communist Reset Train by employing the exact same resettlement plan that was instituted at the federal level.But I wonder, have we missed previous opportunities? Have we misinterpreted brave leadership by the Communists within our country for simple rank hypocrisy?Consider just a few short years ago when Speaker Pelosi demonstrated her brave leadership when, by her actions, she summarily declared the pandemic over and all masking and business closures were hereby cancelled and rescinded.What? You don't remember that? If you don’t remember, that’s understandable since it was inexplicably buried by the fringe media (NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC). So, let me remind you of what happened.Two years ago, almost to the day on September 7, 2020, after our beneficent ‘leaders’ (and certainly not per se criminals, at all) decided to halt the engine of the world, Nancy Pelosi decided that this was not necessary at all! 
In order to rescind this lockdown, she made a 'public' and brave demonstration of the safety of walking around maskless and ignoring her own proclamations by making a special hair appointment with a salon that was shuttered by the knee-jerk (but now, I see, fully reasonable) mandates to close down. This decision was bravery in action and I was humbled and proud in that moment to be an American. Hero, thy name is Nancy.
But! Our conservative leaders failed us in that moment!
Instead of following Pelosi’s lead, instead of following her brave leadership by opening all businesses, conservative leaders across the nation were ‘stuck on stupid’ (h/t General Schwarzkopf) and continued as if the Speaker had NOT just declared the mandates unnecessary!WOE to the masses suffering under such blind conservative leadership!

All caught up? Great.

Recently, the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis decided to help Sanctuary Cities ‘live their truth’ by transporting approximately 50 ‘sanctuary seekers’ directly to Martha’s Vineyard and the personal homes of the Federal Empire’s royal courtiers.But it now appears that perhaps Governor DeSantis may have mis-stepped or misinterpreted the intent of our betters. Instead of the self-declared Sanctuary City of Martha’s Vineyard welcoming these huddled masses yearning for a free Obama phone, the city ‘deported’ these pawns in the space of 48 hours.
(I'm still struggling with understanding when the term of art changes from 'transported' and 'evicted' to 'trafficked')

And, coincidence of coincidences, it appears that the residents of Martha’s Vineyard took their cue from another Democrat, President Roosevelt, when they ripped these people from the welcoming bosom or their tiny island and moved these undocumented workers (or as one Martha’s Vineyard resident put it, “garbage”) under military escort to an internment camp on a military base on Cape Cod. No word yet if American citizens of Japanese descent were also present. So, yet again, we have been provided not only permission to forcibly remove people inside the country, but we also have an example to follow, provided to us by those brave Americans on Martha’s Vineyard.Governors Abbot, DeSantis and other leaders now have direct and implicit permission to leverage military force to protect our borders, and we have the Brandon regime and its sycophants to thank for this glorious example. Who knew there was such an America First sentiment in the deepest Blue enclaves of our country?Will the conservative Governors of our great nation now take Massachusetts' example to heart and do what the Martha’s Vintners have already determined MUST be done? The American Revolution was born in Massachusetts and it appears history is repeating itself. The Martha’s Vintners are leading the way on not only the importance of legal immigration but also how to deal with illegal immigration.If anyone reading this essay has the opportunity, I call on you to present this piece to our leaders as evidence that
We the People DEMAND that they follow the example of the fine people of Massachusetts and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Let’s Go Brandon! 

R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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