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Kimberly Overman, a county commissioner from Hillsborough County, Florida wants to color-code school children whose parents opt-out of face masks. 


The school board initially voted to require mask wearing in schools while also offering an opt-out choice for parents.  The original announcement never included a notice to parents that opting out would result in your child being labled with a color code, arm band, star or any other scarlet letter insignia.  Nor was the public informed that the measure would include the public label of "autharitarian bully" being placed on the parents for choosing the option offered to by Hillsbourough's elected representatives to empower parents to excercise their fundamental parental rights.

Commissioner Overman is well-known in Tampa for not respecting fundamental rights and for not viewing herself as a representative but rather as a ruling monarch. A number of residents have been very vocal at the school board and at the commission meetings.  Their activism resulted in the opt-out option.  Clearly, the overlords in the Tampa area resent the input from county residents and parents and are now seeking a method of retaliation. 


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 The residents of Lehi, Utah were paying Leah Kinyon to teach chemistry. That arrangement apparently ened on August 18th with the announcment that she is "no longer an employee of Alpine School District."  A viral video revealed on August 17th that Leah decided rather than teach chemistry like she was hired to do, she would spend taxpayer dollars sharing her political rants, threatening students and criticizing parents.  She can now do all those things on her own time without her activities being subsidized by taxpayers.


The viral video brought exposure to her tax-funded, political activism. Parents and concerned residents then bombarded the local school district with complaints.  Less than 48 hours later, she's gone.  This is what member of an engaged community can accomplish if they get active and involved. This is the kind of thing we teach in our activism bootcamp at Liberty First Society.  You can find that here.

Happy trails, Leah!

Full Story:


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 Clarissa Ward and the Ministry of Truth Minions (MTM), a.k.a fact checkers have done exhaustive research in order to rebut a dangerous meme before anyone gets the wrong idea.  The meme is allegedley of Clarissa "before and after the fall of Kabul." In the first photo Clarissa reports with her golden locks exposed and in the second with a burka-like headgear covering her propaganda-filled cranium. 


While not addressing the question of whether Clarissa is inappropriately appropriating Taliban culture, the MTM suggested that the photos were not taken in the same places or in the same context.  It is not clear what the MTM is attempting to convey, but Clarissa wants us to know that she is conducting business as usual.


 Clarissa says she always wears a headscarf.  In fact she says she wears it exactly as you see in the photo, only different.


We're glad they cleared that one up.  She awlays wears a headscarf just like this, only not quite like this.  It's the same, only different...sort of.  Rest assured citizen, the MTM is on the scene.  You are now safe from this potetially devasting bit of misinformation.  

-Junior McKnuckle



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ACTION ALERT- Governor of TN Calls Up National Guard to Quarantine
by KrisAnne Hall, JD
art TN EO
Governor Lee of Tennessee has signed Executive Order 83 to Authorize National Guard to respond to the "health emergency."
Although this Executive Order doesn't specifically tell the National Guard to force quarantine people, it DOES set up the authority of the National Guard to do exactly that through the totality of the document.
Regardless of where you live, please help join us in contacting Governor Lee and requesting that he amend Executive Order 83 to reflect the duty of all in government to respect and protect the rights of the people.  This Order could set the precedent for every Governor or WE could join together now and convince him to amend this Order now.
You can review and send this email to Governor Lee and several key Tennessee House Members by clicking this link and following its instructions: 

When we come together with unity in the Liberty given to us by Christ ,we can be good stewards of that gift and ensure that our children will inherit the freedom they deserve.
Here is the body of the email that will be sent through the above link: 

Dear Governor Lee,

I am writing to you regarding Executive Order 83, Order to Facilitate the Continued Response to COVID-19.  I am very concerned about the wording and the complete absence of reference to the rights of the people and limits of authority as identified in the Constitution of the State of Tennessee.  Whether intentional or accidental your Executive Order ostensibly creates an unlimited authority for the National Guard to enforce the involuntary relocation and quarantine of the people of Tennessee (see sections 8-18).  Your Order also removes all recourse of the people to inspect the procedures and facilities created with this seemingly unlimited authority (see section 21).

I am writing to ask you to amend Executive Order to make clear your commitment to secure the Rights of the People in the face of any emergency.  Among the sections of the TN Constitution that must be referenced in your amendment to Executive Order 83 are:

  • Article I
  • Section 7. That the people shall be secure in their persons, houses, papers and possessions, from unreasonable searches and seizures…
  • Section 8. That no man shall be taken or imprisoned, or disseized of his freehold, liberties or privileges, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any manner destroyed or deprived of his life, liberty or property, but by the judgment of his peers, or the law of the land.
  • Section 6. That the right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate…

Article XI section 16 of the TN Constitution establishes that the rights enshrined within the TN Declaration of Rights “shall never be violated on any pretense whatever.”  That must include any real or perceived medical emergency.  Section 16 continues to confirm this absolute by establishing that “everything in the bill of rights contained, is excepted out of the general powers of the government and shall forever remain inviolate.” 

The solution to any crisis can never be allowed to displace the commitment to individual liberty that stands as the cornerstone of American government.  The Constitution of TN was created to set certain lines that cannot be crossed by government, even in an emergency.

I am asking you to do the right thing and fulfill your oath to the people.  I will thank you in advance for your decision to amend this Order and protect the rights of the people.



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by KrisAnne Hall, JD 
art right to refuse
 The US Department of Justice is attempting to perpetrate a legal fraude upon the people by issuing an "opinion" that the American people do not possess the right to refuse injections into their body.  
The DOJ analysis is not based upon any semblance of logic, reason, or proper legal analysis - in short it is a complete farce. 
With the help of Liberty First Legal we are publishing a legal memorandum that informs you of your Right to Refuse and the truly legal liabilities your employer assumes for mandating you take an injection into your body as a term of your employment.   
~ Please Support our Non-Profit Legal Ministry so we can continue in this essential work to preserve our Constitution and our Liberties for future generation.  You can make your tax deductable donation here: ~
**Note** What I am going to instruct you on are the LEGAL options.  In this capacity, it is not my job to give you a lesson on morality or spiritual guidance.  I cannot make these decisions for you.  What may be right for you, what may be right according to your conscience may not reconcile with what has been established as the legal options.  You must personally count the cost.
If you want to challenge the current legal standing, that is also up to you.  But the purpose of this article is to show you the current legal standing, not to instruct you on how to challenge it.
If your employer is demanding a vaccination as a condition of employment you must first do the following:
  1. If you have a firmly or sincerely held religious belief that prevents you from taking that injection, you must request from your employer a religious exemption.
    1. Your employer should have a policy and procedure established to complete a religious exemption application.  Follow the directions given to you by your employer regarding their policy and procedure.
    2. You must be able to articulate your firmly or sincerely held religious belief.  Simply saying "I'm a Christian and I don't want this vaccine" is not going to get your exemption approved.
    3. Pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 you have the Right to request a religious exemption and the employer must provide reasonable accomodations in the alternative to a vaccine if it will not create an "undue hardship" upon the business to do so.
      1. Reasonable accommodations can include wearing a mask while working and/or submitting to a regular testing schedule.
      2. Refusal to submit to the established reasonable accomodations could result in your termination.
    4. If the business asserts that it would create an "undue hardship" to grant alternative reasonable accomodations then, by law, they can deny your request for religious exemption.
      1. By pattern and practice, it has been shown that reasonable accommodations and alternatives to vaccination indeed exist for employees, and these have been required all along: self-screening with temperature checks, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), social distancing, and complying with other safety protocols until the number of COVID infections work their way down to acceptable levels. 
      2. Logically, if these measures are and were effective in preventing the spread of COVID, they will continue to be effective.
  2. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from taking vaccinations, you will need to request a medical exemption from your employer.
    1. You will need a letter from your physician substantiating your medical exemption.
    2. Your employer can refuse to grant the medical exemption if it would create an "undue hardship." (See section 1(d))
    3. You will be expected to submit to the reasonable accommodations required to be exempt from the vaccine (See section 1(c)).
  3. PAST VACCINATIONS DO NOT NEGATE A PRESENT OR FUTURE RIGHT TO DECLARE EXEMPTION.  This is probably one of the most popular fallacies.  Courts recognize that people can change and grow in their faith beliefs and understandings.  Just because you got a vaccination in the past does not eliminate your right to assert a religious exemption now or in the future.  Do be aware you will be questioned on this so be prepared to show how your understanding has grown or changed.
If you sign a release of liability for an injection into your body your employer demands as a condition of employment you will lose your right to damages and workman's compensations. 
If you employer requires an injection into your body as a condition of employment and you have an adverse reaction or the injection is fatal you or your legal representative has the right to:
  • Demand workman's compensation for the time off work during your recovery pursuant to EEOC Rules.
  • Sue your employer for any damage to you health or to your body, whether temporary or permanent pursuant to EEOC Rules.
  • Sue your employer for your death pursuant to EEOC Rules.

***NOTE*** The alleged approval of ONE of the vaccines by the FDA does not change the legal text included in the Memorandum of Law below.

Please Support our Non-Profit Legal Ministry so we can continue in this essential work to preserve our Constitution and our Liberties for future generation.  You can make your tax deductable donation here:

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