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"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties...
when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved"
- Sam Adams

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Oligarchy Of Thieves

by KrisAnne Hall, JD

Our government has been infected by Federal Supremacists. They commonly assert that the Supreme Court has the power to ultimately interpret the Constitution through judicial review and therefore sovereignly determine the limits of the power delegated to the federal government. They sometimes assert that federal law itself is superior to the Constitution. In reality, the Supreme Court does not have the authority to limit or expand the power of government. Neither does Congress have the authority to pass a law that is contrary to or beyond the limited and defined boundaries of the Constitution itself. To allow such action means that the Constitution has NO MEANING and the government has NO LIMIT.  Alexander Hamilton proclaimed in Federalist #83:

“…an affirmative grant of special powers would be absurd as well as useless, if a general authority was intended.”

Basically what Hamilton was saying was why did we make a specific list of powers, if the power existed to do whatever they can imagine or get a majority vote upon?

This general, also known in the legal field as “plenary” power being wielded against the states and the people is stolen power. It is power neither authorized nor delegated. Dear friends, this is NOT what a Constitutional Republic looks like…this is a KINGDOM of stolen power, an oligarchy of thieves.

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Our government is traveling down a very dangerous road. We have neglected our duties as responsible employers and we are about to pay a dear price. We must arm ourselves with the truth to educate our employees and assist them in doing the right thing. The following is an open letter to our Senators and Representatives to educate them in this “gun debate” and allow them to make the right decisions. By giving this information, we not only educate them, but we identify which employees are willing to do the right and which are not. If we do not educate, they can claim ignorance. If we provide them with the proper tools and they refuse to use them and continue to destroy our Constitution, we must mark them as enemies and eliminate their ability to do further destruction.

Please assist me in educating our Representatives. Please share this letter your Representative AND Senator. Sign your name and send it to them multiple times, once is not enough.  Be sure they KNOW you are serious.

Thank you.

In Liberty,

KrisAnne Hall

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This is an article written by my husband JC Hall.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did. ~KrisAnne Hall

First Things First

by JC Hall

I was in prayer about purpose and priorities for the new year. Here’s what God began to speak in my Spirit as I prayed and studied in His Word.

First, the way in which I prioritize things in my life is not left to chance. It doesn’t come from someone’s system that they’ve devised over the years. It comes from God and His Word. Most of the productivity books I’ve read lay out the tools you need to keep your job and your daily tasks running smoothly. Some tell you to do the big things first. Some tell you to do the small things first. I see in the Word that we are to put FIRST THINGS FIRST.

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A Word From a Converted Liberal. There is Hope.

by KrisAnne Hall, JD


Right up front there are some things that I need to tell you about myself. I want you to know where I came from and how I got to where I am today. I don’t want to ever be accused of deception or dishonesty. So, in full disclosure:

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Be On Notice

By KrisAnne Hall, JD

I must first begin by pointing out that I recognize that this is not a political battle between Republicans and Democrats.  This is not a battle between Progressives and Conservatives.  This is a SPIRITUAL battle:

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