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"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties...
when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved"
- Sam Adams


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It’s time we recognize and accept who is really in charge. It’s about time we get on board with the current 'leadership' and I can’t think of a better time than NOW to do it.
Our betters have demonstrated through their actions that they know what’s best, they have identified which laws are ‘must follow’ laws and which laws are optional. Too long has their example been ignored by we, the great unwashed.And kudos to Governors Abbot and DeSantis for also accepting the Communists’ proper leadership and example.
In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, Governor Abbot took his cue from President Brandon and began shipping illegals present within Texas’ borders into the interior of the country; an act that was exactly what the Brandon regime had been doing for months if not his entire ‘presidency.’
I applaud Governor Abbot in recognizing the wisdom of simply accepting that the unlawful entry into the country should not only be ignored, but facilitated and expanded with free plane tickets to every corner of our fruited plains. By Governor Abbott’s actions, now we truly are ‘all in this together.’
Not to be outdone in seeking the favor of President Brandon, America’s Governor, Governor DeSantis followed suit and similarly began shipping sanctuary seekers directly to self – declared sanctuary cities of NYC and Martha’s Vineyard. It seems that Governors Abbot and DeSantis have decided to take the Goose/Gander theory and put it into action.Surely, now, boons and laurels from the Capitol must begin to shower upon our once recalcitrant governors!

Now, the Hidey/Hoe administration should be ecstatic that two of the most conservative (and popular) leaders in the country have gotten onboard the Communist Reset Train by employing the exact same resettlement plan that was instituted at the federal level.But I wonder, have we missed previous opportunities? Have we misinterpreted brave leadership by the Communists within our country for simple rank hypocrisy?Consider just a few short years ago when Speaker Pelosi demonstrated her brave leadership when, by her actions, she summarily declared the pandemic over and all masking and business closures were hereby cancelled and rescinded.What? You don't remember that? If you don’t remember, that’s understandable since it was inexplicably buried by the fringe media (NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC). So, let me remind you of what happened.Two years ago, almost to the day on September 7, 2020, after our beneficent ‘leaders’ (and certainly not per se criminals, at all) decided to halt the engine of the world, Nancy Pelosi decided that this was not necessary at all! 
In order to rescind this lockdown, she made a 'public' and brave demonstration of the safety of walking around maskless and ignoring her own proclamations by making a special hair appointment with a salon that was shuttered by the knee-jerk (but now, I see, fully reasonable) mandates to close down. This decision was bravery in action and I was humbled and proud in that moment to be an American. Hero, thy name is Nancy.
But! Our conservative leaders failed us in that moment!
Instead of following Pelosi’s lead, instead of following her brave leadership by opening all businesses, conservative leaders across the nation were ‘stuck on stupid’ (h/t General Schwarzkopf) and continued as if the Speaker had NOT just declared the mandates unnecessary!WOE to the masses suffering under such blind conservative leadership!

All caught up? Great.

Recently, the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis decided to help Sanctuary Cities ‘live their truth’ by transporting approximately 50 ‘sanctuary seekers’ directly to Martha’s Vineyard and the personal homes of the Federal Empire’s royal courtiers.But it now appears that perhaps Governor DeSantis may have mis-stepped or misinterpreted the intent of our betters. Instead of the self-declared Sanctuary City of Martha’s Vineyard welcoming these huddled masses yearning for a free Obama phone, the city ‘deported’ these pawns in the space of 48 hours.
(I'm still struggling with understanding when the term of art changes from 'transported' and 'evicted' to 'trafficked')

And, coincidence of coincidences, it appears that the residents of Martha’s Vineyard took their cue from another Democrat, President Roosevelt, when they ripped these people from the welcoming bosom or their tiny island and moved these undocumented workers (or as one Martha’s Vineyard resident put it, “garbage”) under military escort to an internment camp on a military base on Cape Cod. No word yet if American citizens of Japanese descent were also present. So, yet again, we have been provided not only permission to forcibly remove people inside the country, but we also have an example to follow, provided to us by those brave Americans on Martha’s Vineyard.Governors Abbot, DeSantis and other leaders now have direct and implicit permission to leverage military force to protect our borders, and we have the Brandon regime and its sycophants to thank for this glorious example. Who knew there was such an America First sentiment in the deepest Blue enclaves of our country?Will the conservative Governors of our great nation now take Massachusetts' example to heart and do what the Martha’s Vintners have already determined MUST be done? The American Revolution was born in Massachusetts and it appears history is repeating itself. The Martha’s Vintners are leading the way on not only the importance of legal immigration but also how to deal with illegal immigration.If anyone reading this essay has the opportunity, I call on you to present this piece to our leaders as evidence that
We the People DEMAND that they follow the example of the fine people of Massachusetts and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Let’s Go Brandon! 

R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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You Can Stop Congress From Weaponizing the IRS AND Protect the US Border At the Same Time!
By KrisAnne Hall, JD

art irs job

US Congress's HR 5376 will spend billions of your dollars hiring 87,000+ new IRS agents.  According to the IRS job listing these agents must be “willing to use deadly force, if necessary.”

America does NOT need a larger militarized IRS.  America needs border protection & a functional immigration system.

North Carolina Sen. Ted Budd has written a proposed amendment in response to the H.R. 5376 "Inflation Reduction Act.”

Rep. Budd’s amendment would take money allocated to the IRS and use it where it is needed: Border Security & Improve Immigration Procedures.

WE MUST DEMAND Rep. Ted Budd’s amendment be passed and here is WHY:

  1. $25 billion redirected to build the border wall
  2. $20 billion redirected to hire 10,000 additional border patrol agents
  3. $20 billion to hire 10,000 more ICE agents
  4. $4 billion redirected to hire 366 additional immigration judges and 60 staff attorneys for the Board of Immigration Appeals

Follow The Instructions & Send a Message Your US House Reps & Senators & DEMAND THEY SUPPORT THIS AMENDMENT. 

  1. Please use the link below that corresponds to YOUR STATE;
  2. Enter your name. You Do NOT have to enter your address if you don’t want to;
  3. Follow the instructions on the bottom of the form.

NOTE: this website will NOT collect or save any of your personal information.


I am writing in support of Rep. Ted Budd’s proposed amendment to H.R. 5376 to redirect the billions of dollars allocated to the purchase of additional IRS agents into the budget for border protection.  America does NOT need a larger militarized IRS.  America needs border protection & a functional immigration system. Rep. Budd’s amendments would:

  1. $25 billion redirected to build the border wall
  2. $20 billion redirected to hire 10,000 additional border patrol agents
  3. $20 billion to hire 10,000 more ICE agents
  4. $4 billion redirected to hire 366 additional immigration judges and 60 staff attorneys for the Board of Immigration Appeals

Purchasing tens of thousands IRS agents is an irresponsible use of tax dollars, especially when we have such an enormous crisis on our borders and the excuse out of Washington DC is “lack of funding and manpower.”

The American people as whole recognize border protection as an overwhelming issue for the 2022 elections.  Restoring border security, not bloating the IRS, is what the American people want from you for 2022-2023.


Please use the link below that corresponds to YOUR STATE & complete the form instructions:





























New Hampshire:

New Jersey:

New Mexico:

New York:

North Carolina:

North Dakota:





Rhode Island:

South Carolina:

South Dakota:







West Virginia:



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My fellow patriot, 

Many years ago, the military taught me techniques to help me survive captivity as a POW. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever contemplate that I would later rely upon those skills to maintain my sanity in my own country. If the last couple years tells us anything, it appears the world is saying to all of us, “Hold my beer…” 

Your incarceration now, during the second American Revolution, grants you the unofficial status of POW. Because of this, I want to take this opportunity to provide what help I can to help you survive your POW status and return home alive and with honor.  

These techniques are not meant to argue your case to morons or to ‘tech your jailers a lesson.’ Instead, they are meant to do one thing and one thing only: carve out a small piece of control for yourself and expand your radius of freedom, even as a prisoner. Both things will assist you in keeping your spirits up and hope alive until such a time that we can get you freed.

Rule #1: Your enemy is not your prison guard 


Your enemy isn’t your jailer. Neither is Nancy Pelosi or that ignoramus in a mini-skirt, AOC. Your enemy is also not any of the other random communists or colluding and corrupt federal agencies whose actions caused you to be where you are for the moment. 

Your true enemy now is hopelessness. Learn this. Your isolation starves you of the wins and good news that our Cause is achieving on a near-regular basis. How can you maintain your spirits if you are kept in the dark about the successes our Cause achieves and your actions demonstrate? We on the outside watch the news, scan social media or communicate with friends and neighbors to maintain our collective fiction that we are ‘in the know’ and informed. But your current situation doesn’t even allow that.

To this I say: Let your Patriot brothers and sisters handle these criminals from outside the prison for you. Trust that we, on the other side of your prison’s walls, are tirelessly working to obtain your freedom and bring the true criminals to justice; Winter is Coming. But for now, all we need from you is to survive your captivity. The only thing that can turn your temporary situation into a permanent one is if you allow hopelessness to convince you to do something that is irreversible. You have an entire country supporting you, the only problem is that you can’t see it from where you sit now. That doesn’t mean we aren’t here and things aren’t happening! Your trust will feed your spirit and keep hopelessness at bay.

Just as important: Be absolutely confident that what is happening to you now is temporary and will end. Once it is over, you will have the mother of all lawsuits on your hands with an army of Liberty-loving lawyers absolutely salivating to take your case. Kyle Rittenhouse just settled with The View for over $20 million for how those harpies slandered him.  You situation will be no different. Your status as a POW of the Second American Revolution is illegal and temporary. The game now is to simply outlast your jailers to the finish line. Every day you stay in the fight is one more day you win. You are not forgotten. 

Rule #2: Make your jailers work for your compliance 


Stated another way, beating your ass to force your compliance takes physical effort on their part. Forcing your jailer to tire himself out to enforce his rules is a sneaky and counter-intuitive way to create more freedom for yourself. 

Remember, people are lazy, and your jailers are no exception. You can turn that laziness to your advantage. Your jailers will always look for a way to make their own jobs easier or take less effort. They manhandle you out of your cell today in the hopes that you will comply immediately with their orders tomorrow. 

They do this because the more compliant (hopeless) a prisoner that you are, the easier you are for them to manage.  So instead of allowing them to train you into compliance using beatings and abuse, your goal should be to train them. It’s not hard to do, it just takes a little gumption.

Here’s how:

  • When they tell you to stand up, make it a challenge to yourself to be the last person to stand.
  • When they tell you to sit down, make it a challenge to yourself to be the last person to sit.
  • When they order you out of your cell, be slow to respond. 

Every second you delay (and we are measuring in seconds) is one more second of freedom you carve out for yourself. THIS is how we measure success in a POW situation, and this is how we take control and create agency for ourselves. The POWs from the USS Pueblo capture in 1968 spoke extensively about how important it was to take even just a little bit of control from the North Koreans for themselves through these techniques.

Count the seconds until your captors come to beat you into compliance; keep score! Here’s the trick though: Once they come to beat you, test to see how much abuse you can absorb. And once you have absorbed as much as you can, you now have permission to comply. The contest is with yourself, not your jailer. Can you increase the seconds over time that it takes before they respond to your slow compliance?  Every second that you quietly defy their orders is an extra second of freedom.

The point here is not to openly defy their orders and scream “NO!” to every demand they make. That is pointless resistance and only earns you a beating with no upside. Instead, the point is to force them to expend their own personal energy to force your compliance and tire them out. Over time, their natural inclination to be lazy will eventually override their desire to ‘do a good job’ and it will be at that moment that YOU will be in charge. Even as a prisoner, you will be in control and control equals sanity.You are not forgotten. 

Rule #3:  Learn the power of saying ‘no’ to special favors 

the model prisoner

Remember how your parents enticed you with ice cream to get you to eat your vegetables? Imagine the power you could wield as a 5-year-old if you told your parents that their ice cream didn’t interest you anymore. They would be utterly powerless to bribe you to eat your broccoli and would have to come up with some new way to control your actions. Your jailers are no different.

Your jailers’ power over you resides exclusively in their power to withhold comfort or inflict suffering. That’s it. If you can recognize these slim incentives for what they are, a means to obtain your compliance, you can find power in refusing them.

Generally speaking, a normal person will do almost anything to return to their previous state of safety and comfort when knocked outside of it. This can be a significant weakness in their ability resist and stay sane. They will be tempted to comply with any demand for just a whiff of their old normal life; a can of coke, a cigarette, a piece of candy, sunshine on their face. If a prisoner’s compliance can be bought so cheaply, this makes him a model prisoner.

But if you can undercut their ability to offer you positive incentives (such as a can of coke or a phone call with a loved one), they are left with ONLY negative incentives. But we’ve already discussed how you can handle those. And once you become adept at these techniques, you may even be able to bargain for your compliance.

“I would be happy to comply with your order, but I’m very thirsty, can you get me a coke?” 

“I would be happy to accept your offer to speak with my lawyer, but only if the other POWs can speak with their lawyers” 

Do you see now how, when applying these techniques together, you become incredibly powerful, even as a prisoner of war?You are not forgotten. 

Rule #4: Find Little Wins and Celebrate Them 

Remember, you are fighting on a completely different battlefield than you have ever experienced before; You are fighting on the battlefield of hope. Your aim is to survive your captivity with honor. Your goal is not to simply score points against morons with single-digit IQs. 

The way you capture ground on the battlefield of Hope is that you must find and celebrate the “Little Wins” you have during your resistance using the techniques above.

When you defy your jailers in little ways, these small acts certainly don’t win the war against the Globalist Deep State or buy your freedom. Remember, you are imprisoned for political reasons, not criminal ones. Being a good little prisoner will not buy your way out. So instead, you must resist and celebrate the Little Wins as you go to keep you from losing hope and keep your sanity. 

So what do “Little Wins” look like?  Simple: If a guard orders you to stand on the red spot on the floor, you will employ rule #2 above and stand literally anywhere but exactly where he tells you to stand. When you do this, in your mind, celebrate that act of defiance! For every second you are NOT on that red spot, you are winning. Over time, you make a point of moving farther and farther away from that red spot until you aren’t complying at all with their orders.

If a guard orders you to raise your hands above you head, maybe you raise your hands just up to your shoulders. For every second that your hands are NOT above your head, you are winning; celebrate that victory!

And, in all these examples if, by your non-compliance, you force your jailer to come over to you and physically force you into compliance, you are forcing them to expend their own energy and enforce their own rules (see rule 2). That is another win.  Trust me, ‘pretty soon, you’re going to get tired of all that winning.’

The added benefit of these small acts of sanity-preserving defiance is that it forces your jailer to do his job, a job that he would much rather be easier. Remember, a hopeless prisoner is a compliant prisoner and that’s all he wants; for you to do what you’re told. If you are able to defy his orders, even a little bit, you force him to choose: “Do I enforce the order to the letter, or do I let it slide?”  Force his natural laziness to make that decision for him.

This is the exact position you want to be in because by forcing him to make this choice, YOU are now in control, regardless of whether you have shackles on your wrists or not. YOU have forced him to make a choice and if he chooses the lazy route (they all eventually do), then you have just created MORE freedom for yourself than you would have had if you had simply complied mindlessly.

Trust me; you have MUCH more power than you realize.You are not forgotten 

Rule #5: Forgive Yourself 

Patriot, if by some miracle you read this letter, you may be thinking to yourself, 

“These techniques are fine, but I’ve complied so much already that it would look weird if I started defying their orders now. It just won’t matter.” 


The fact that you were ill-equipped to resist your captors before you read this letter is perfectly understandable. Until now, you may have been complying with your jailers’ orders because that’s what you were ‘supposed’ to do. You may have been complying with your jailers’ demands in the hopes that it might earn you some measure of comfort or release.

This is false thinking. Our country is experiencing a new kind of Revolution, but it is a revolution, nonetheless. Your current/temporary situation is so far off the map that the old rules that we all grew up with simply do not apply to your situation. Embrace that knowledge. You are not a criminal in jail awaiting trial, no matter how they dress you up. You are a political prisoner held incommunicado by criminals attempting to hide their own crimes. 

You are not just a prisoner, you are a Prisoner of War.  Start acting like it.  You have a duty to resist your captors.

When you falter in your resistance, and you will falter, you must forgive your temporary failure, and renew your spirit of resistance. Remember, you are playing the long game here and your job is to outlast your captor. You are running a marathon, not a sprint. Forgive your momentary compliance as necessary and move on. That’s old shit. In all cases for the rules outlined above, you have permission as a prisoner of war to comply when it is necessary to your survival or severe bodily injury. Only you can judge where that line is and nobody has the right to second guess where your line is.

Yes, you may feel guilty for yielding to a demand by a mouth-breathing jailer. This is natural, this is normal. We all feel weak or intimidated from time to time. But I can speak for everyone with similar training that they will not think less of you for your temporary compliance. And those who have never been through this very intense training? They have no idea what you’re experiencing and are not qualified to comment; ignore them. You are not forgotten  

Patriot, it is my sincerest hope that this letter reaches you, or perhaps only its ideas. You are undergoing an unprecedented assault on your rights as a Free American. You are not alone in your torment nor is your plight forgotten. The Cause endures outside of your sight and we are experiencing significant wins, whether you hear about them or not. We can’t know how much longer the struggle will last, but the tide is turning in our favor. And as the tide washes away the flotsam and jetsam of the evil holding you now, you will be freed.

Remember, the techniques that I have given you above revolve around the central point that resistance means never volunteering to comply with orders or rules. As a POW, the rules your captors lay down only exist insofar as they can be enforced. Ignore them at all other times. 

Good Luck

R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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We were all lied to.

The lie, of course, was that Americans are Free (capital ‘F’). Those on the Right have been mildly to acutely aware of this lie for many decades now. But with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the lie was finally revealed to our fellow citizens on the Left as well.

Lest we forget, the same authority that lied to us that Saddam had WMD in 2003 also illegally ‘mandated’ that we wear surgical masks and inject ourselves with an unapproved substance. All this was done to ‘inoculate’ us from a disease later discovered to have been manufactured by our own government. If they lied to us about WMD in Iraq and (what is now apparent) lied to us about masks and injections, might they also have lied to us about abortion? And if so, how and why?

After the Dobbs decision, the left told us that women (whatever those are) lost a right to control their own bodies. And boy, howdy, can I sympathize! As soon as we were 'mandated' to inject ourselves in 2021, the mythical veneer of freedom to make the most intimate of choices was unceremoniously ripped away. So, yes, over the last two years we all discovered we had no bodily autonomy or ‘right to choose,’ so casually authority made its demand on a Free people.

I’ve long held that Goodwill and Planned Parenthood share a very similar business model, but merely applied in different sectors of the economy. Consider how eerily similar the two are:

  • Both pretend to be charity organizations when in fact they are profit-motivated businesses (nothing wrong with that, but don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining),
  • Both pretend to serve the poor when in fact the poor serve them, acting as inputs/raw material for their inventory (when was the last time you saw a Tiffany lamp or Rolex Watch at Goodwill?),
  • Both take unwanted items and resell them with zero compensation to the donor (yes, you took the receipt Goodwill gave you, but have you EVER included your donation receipts on your tax return?).

Interesting, wouldn’t you say?

Now, we already know that abortion as a ‘service’ was instituted and lobbied for by Margaret Sanger in the early 20th century. Lest we forget her immortal words,

“Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.”

That’s a tough corporate legacy to forget, even 150 years later. I wonder if our fellow citizens on the Left wish to be counted among the foot soldiers of a movement that has its roots in such heinous and naked racism and bigotry? Advocating for abortion while trying to distance oneself from its origins, the apologists are essentially saying, “yes, Hitler was terrible, but he invented the Highway System.” Really?

Now, I can’t say when baby parts themselves, the inevitable by-product of the act, were recognized as a commodity to be sold, but I CAN tell you that those aborted fetuses (aka “clumps of cells”) are not simply incinerated as medical waste at the end of the workday. They are carved up, brokered and sold to any number of eager buyers (stem cell research doesn’t spring from nothing, you know).

If body parts are being brokered and sold, and Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers are the mouth of this baby parts funnel, is there possibly a financial incentive apart from the right ‘discovered’ by SCOTUS in 1973? Is it possible to estimate how big the financial incentive is to perpetuate abortion?

Let’s do a little back of the napkin math and try to figure just how big the baby parts marketplace is.

First let’s establish some basic numbers:

Yes, you read that correctly. The estimated market cap for human body parts in the United States alone is estimated to be nearly 9 billion dollars. That’s a lot of cheddar, and let’s not forget that this is limited to abortions only and not organ donors as sources. And if I were to hazard a guess, I’d bet that estimate is easily off by a factor of 3 or more. The most interesting part of that calculation? I’ve never seen it calculated before. I wonder why?

If we expand this number to include the entire world, then the numbers get truly stupid. According to, there were an estimated 21,800,000 abortions performed in the first six months of this year. Annualizing and multiplying this by the average cost/fetus of $13,005 we get $567,018,000,000; half a TRILLION dollars...PER YEAR. For a little perspective, the United States defense budget for 2023 is $773 Billion.

Turns out, trafficking human body parts is a pretty damn lucrative business; who knew?

I can hear the apologists’ response now:

Sure, there might be a lot of money involved, but I’m not talking about that! I’m talking about my right to choose!”

To this, I would say that YOU may not be thinking about all the money to be made, but those who rule you and suddenly deigned to 'give you' a right to kill life certainly are. Madam, your naivete is showing…

Look, if we take a more sophisticated view of things, we could argue that women lost their bodily autonomy at least 50 years ago and not 15 days ago. How? Because women (whatever those are) have been the victim of an unceasing propaganda campaign meant to convince them that their only value was sexual. This propaganda removed free choice and replaced it with the single choice of ‘having it all’ and packaging it within the wrapper of a ‘right.’ Do you see how this is?

A choice without consequence is not a choice.

Abortion allows a woman to ‘have it all’ and we are meant to believe that it is only the most casual coincidence that that ‘clump of cells’ is worth half a trillion dollars. Subjecting women (whatever those are) to unceasing propaganda is the epitome of the removal of choice and it was all done to turn them into nothing more than baby parts assembly lines.

Ladies, you have been lied to since you were (luckily) born. This lie taught you that sex need not have consequence and, thanks to modern techniques, you can fix your whoopsie with a quick visit to the free clinic and 500 bucks. You have been convinced to suppress your natural tendencies to create and nurture life so you may provide raw biological material to the Goodwill of international criminal enterprises with a supra-massive financial incentive at play.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame you for believing the lies from authority. Hell, we’ve all been lied to for years. Is it so hard to believe that the same criminal organization that would lie us into war with lies such as:

  • “The Spanish sunk the Maine in Havana,” (1898)
  • “The Japanese ‘surprised’ the U.S. with their attack on Pearl Harbor,” (1941)
  • “Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone,” (1962)
  • “The North Vietnamese attacked the US Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin,” (1964)
  • “Saddam had WMD,” (2003)

might also try to convince us that the US Constitution (written when abortion was illegal nearly everywhere) somehow contains a RIGHT to extinguish life without due process? I can tell you, when at least half a trillion dollars is on the line, you can bet your ass their lie is worth it to them.

So, I hate to break it to the women among us (whatever those are), but you have never had control over your own bodies. Removing your free will to choose through lies is the removal of choice itself.

And I hope you will notice that my premise does not rely on any sort of moral judgment on the correctness of extinguishing a pre-born child. States vary on the cutoff when an abortion may or may not be accomplished. 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 36 weeks. Take your pick; these are lines drawn in the sand attempting to determine the indeterminable: when does a Human life begin? You might as well ask how many angels may dance on the head of a pin.

I’d argue that merely putting a hard and fast number on it at all is an insult to life itself. But that is an essay for a different time. Suffice it to say that literally nobody is arguing that that ‘clump of cells’ you are feeding isn’t alive and anyone who thinks they know when Humanity begins is lying to you. Everyone agrees that no matter when it occurs abortion ends life.

But where is the lesson in all this?

The little bit of math we did above does nothing more than to simply illustrate the scale of the financial incentive (which is Earth shatteringly massive) for keeping abortion legal. However, it doesn’t get to the core of what many on the Left are learning right now, which was the whole point of this essay in the first place.

Our fellow citizens on the Left are now learning that NONE of us have been truly Free for a very long time, that a right given may be taken away and that centralized power (centralized in 9 robed individuals) can only be a ratchet that only turns away from Liberty and your Right to choose, literally, anything.

The loss of our personal sovereignty, no matter WHAT side of the aisle you abide, happened a long time ago.

Speaking to a dear friend the other day who was very distraught by Dobbs, I explained to her that, in practice nothing had really changed from an access-to-abortion perspective. The State where she lives allows abortion; it allowed it before the Dobbs decision and it allows it after the Dobbs decision; the time restrictions enacted by her State remained in effect.

But what I told her next truly blew her mind and rendered her utterly speechless; so counterintuitive it was that my statement appeared to be absolutely nonsensical. I told her,

The reversal of Roe v. Wade does not take rights away from you, it expands them”

Let me explain:

The fundamental piece of information many on the Left lack to properly unpack this counterintuitive statement is that the States (capital ‘S’) are not mere administrative subdivisions of a federal government (as in the Canadian model).

The British colonies on the American continent, then States, existed before the federal government; the States created the federal government via the US Constitution and was created to limit what the Federal government may do, not its citizens. All non-enumerated responsibilities for governance were retained to the States to handle as they saw fit within their own borders, as any typical nation would have. To simplify this idea, just think of the individual States as countries unto themselves who have simply entered into a treaty called the US Constitution. It really is as simple as that.

All the recent Dobbs decision did was to undo one example of the illegal centralization of power that occurred in 1973 (creating a de facto monarchical presidency in that area of the law) and returned the right of self-determination to the States. South Carolina may not dictate to California its values. This is the expansion of rights that I informed my friend of. It is an inherent Human Right to rule oneself and, relative to the abortion question, this error made in 1973 was corrected. It removed the unconstitutional precept that one State or group of States, acting through the federal government, may impose their values on any other State (again, capital ‘S’).

Stated another way, the Dobbs decision simply says that it is simply none of the federal government’s business on how a State may administer its internal affairs. That’s it.

For KB

R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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A close friend called me last night and I could hear in his voice things were not all right. I could hear it in every word he used and every sigh he exhaled. When I asked him what was wrong, he sounded so defeated that I winced at what might be coming; a death in the family, an unexpected financial stress?
The cause of his despair was neither of those things. He told me that he had just gotten off a call with some folks who are somehow ‘in the know’ within the conservative movement and he learned of some of the anti-freedom actions that our enemies were plotting. Things like another lock-down, the arming of the IRS and other methods that threatened to snuff out Liberty. He was so despondent about what he had heard that I felt the need to raise his spirits and provide a little perspective that might help him navigate this ‘news’ and get him out of his self-reinforcing funk.
I began my pep talk with a statement so plain and so commonly known that it barely merits mentioning at all:
We are at war.
It doesn’t matter that the Modern version of warfare is not made of Bullets and Butter; we are at war, nonetheless. But warfare in the Information Age is waged altogether differently than our grandparents’ generation. And, most importantly, it does not target far-off foreign countries; it targets a government’s own citizens!
We all are on the battlefield of the First Information War. There is no escaping it, there is no putting our head in the sand hoping things will blow over and go back to the old normal. What role we play while we are on this battlefield of ideologies is completely up to us. We can play the role of soldier or collaborator; we can play the role of partisan or occupier. But no matter what role we may play, we ALL are playing a role whether we realize it or not. There are no ‘innocent civilians’ in a war of ideas within a nation’s own borders.
Unsurprisingly, my friend needed no confirmation from me that we were at war, especially given the phone call and rumors he had just been privy to! My statements only reinforced his despair and confirmed his addicting and self-justified anxiety.
However, instead of commiserating with my friend, I showed him the implications of what it means to be at war. Instead of responding to each of the examples he provided, I gave him some simple advice on how he should react to the doom porn that now makes up both sides of the ideological battlefield.
How should he react when he hears of the IRS buying thousands of rounds of ammunition? How should he react when he hears another lock down is coming? How should he react when he sees political opponents getting rounded up and arrested for no just cause?
Invariably our knee-jerk reactions will be driven by the emotions that the ‘news’ invoked, namely despair and hopelessness. Do you think invoking hopelessness in their enemy HELPS their cause? Stop helping their cause!
Instead we must not treat these tidbits as (supposed) information that are meant to raise our ire, we must instead classify them as mere data points. It’s pretty hard to get all worked up about a single point of data, wouldn’t you say?
Simply by changing what we call it takes so much of its power away. Their ‘news’ articles and ‘breaking’ events must wash over us like a wave crashes upon a beach. We will assign no emotional response to it and simply observe the item dispassionately as we stand resolutely against evil, no matter how loud it shrieks. In a war of ideologies, information is weaponized. You must blunt that weapon from within you.
After my friend had some time to digest this wisdom, his next question was a natural one. He asked, “OK, we’re at war and I shouldn’t believe anything I see. I get that. But I’m so sick and tired of it all. How much longer will this go?! I just want things to go back to the way they were!”
You and me both, brother. I can definitely sympathize with my friend here. The fact that we are enduring so much for so long is definitely exhausting. Just the simple lack of stability forces me to take personal measures such as never letting my car’s fuel tank get below half and always having a little extra food and water on hand, just in case. These are the times...
In his famous speech in 1775, Patrick Henry said,
“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided,
and that is the lamp of experience.
I know no way of judging of the future but by the past.“
-Patrick Henry, 1775, Address to the 2d Virginia Convention
I would wager that, in the grand scheme of things, our current war against the Deep State may be just as impactful as our first Revolutionary War. I might even hazard a guess and say that the enemies we fight now are the same enemies we fought nearly 250 years ago. So why not take a page from history and use it to light our way and give us a little perspective?
The American Revolution lasted 6 years. SIX YEARS! And I’d also say that 6 years in the 18th century might as well be like dog years in the 21st! No electricity. No internal combustion engines. No running water. No refrigeration. If we do the math and have a little fun with it, our forefathers fought the equivalent of 42 years in the modern era if we counted the years as dog years. Incredible.
Returning to the modern era, we began our fight in 2020 with the ludicrous lock downs. We are now in 2022 which means, according to our benchmark and new perspective, we are only two years into a 6-year war.
Buckle up, Buttercup and settle in. Ridding the world of this evil isn't gonna wrap up like a tight 90-minute movie script. This might take a while.
This all sounds pretty depressing, I admit. But take heart, patriot. We are winning this war. Look around you! The wins we are now seeing are simply massive, beginning to pile up and are becoming quite hard for our enemy's Marxist foot soldiers to ignore. Delicious.
“But what about their plans!” my friend implored. “Look what they are going to do! They are arming the IRS, for crying out loud!”
To this I had only one response: “Of course the enemy is planning your demise. Would expect anything less? You must get used to the idea that our enemy hates you and make peace with it. This should steel your spine, not melt it.”
His comment reminded me of my time in the war zones I worked in in the past. Bosnia and their snipers. Afghanistan and their small arms. Iraq and their IEDs.
Being in a war zone is a fairly philosophical experience, to be perfectly honest. You intellectually know where you, but it doesn’t really sink in that you are in a war zone until a bullet whizzes past your head. It is in that moment you realize that somebody ‘over there’ is actively trying to kill you. It is a surreal feeling, believe you me.
Remember: Every item of doom-porn ‘news’ is meant to kill your spirits and force your capitulation into servitude. These supposed ‘news’ items are Information Age bullets whizzing past your head shot by a desperate enemy. They honestly think they can convince us to lose hope and surrender while we are winning!
What our enemies are slowly realizing is that they are now forced to reckon with a nation of awakened citizens who absolutely KNOW they are free. I don’t envy our enemy’s task, it truly is hopeless.
Surrender? Ha!
To quote another great American,
“I have not yet begun to fight!”
-Commodore John Paul Jones, 1779
aboard the Bonhomme Richard off the coast of Ireland
Patriot, you are in a war of ideas where information has been weaponized against you. Ignore it, just like you ignore those 'masks required' signs and you'll feel the calm and resolve I know you have within you.
Yours In the Fight,
R. Altomare
Founder of BreathEasy
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