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Public Statement on Racism

by KrisAnne Hall, JD


Racism is and probably always will be a vile blight on humanity.  I do and will always condemn racism and acts of violence.  I am blessed beyond measure to have married into my biracial family and have adopted my biracial son.  I couldn't hate a race without hated those I hold so dear.  But just to clarify for those who don't know me personally:

Today, I had the opportunity of speaking to a group that is accused of having odious and racist views.  Some accused me of sharing the same alleged views simply because I showed up to speak.  I can't speak to what any group or members of that group may believe, since I was there to share what I believe, which is that ALL deserve liberty and ALL deserve sound representation from elected representatives who operate within the confines of America's Constitutional Rule of Law.

Obviously, what those listening believe does not change my message whatsoever.  And I will never shy away from sharing truth to whomever is willing to listen, particularly if they are as messed up as people claim.  

Today's presentation on State and local responsibility always contains a message promoting liberty and love of neighbor.  I always admonish those who cry for violence and civil war and tell them that our solutions are peaceful and that unity, not division, makes America strong.  I said the same today as I spoke.  Whether those seeds find root is between God and the hearer.  But I don't believe positive change takes place by each side shouting at each other from across the road.  Conversion takes connection.  This is the reason I am not intimidated by "guilt-by-association" slander. If I can sow seeds of truth to change the heart of even one KKK member, then I will speak to him.  If I get called a racist for speaking truth to a racist, then so be it. I also have no beef with peaceful protesters.  But if I am given access to those who need truth, I will always take the opportunity to speak directly to a person, rather than protest from outside.

While some may find disagreement with how I believe the Constitution should be applied, what you will never find is me conveying or promoting a message of hate and violence.  God is no respecter of persons. There is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, in the sight of God.    I condemn any and all forms of racism, violence, or racial supremacy.   There is no superior race or color, only sinners in need of God's loving-kindness and redemption through Jesus Christ.  My husband who is of African descent believes the same and my adopted son, who is Mexican, is being taught the same as well.  We will go where the truth is needed and we will never be bullied into silence by the critics.  

Racism is hate and hate must be overcome with truth SPOKEN in love.  That takes contact.  That takes the hard task of meeting face to face and speaking reason.  You can shout the words love and peace through a bullhorn, but that will never make them a reality.  Somebody is going to have to make a human connection.  I am willing to be that someone, even if it means I must suffer the slings and arrows of those distracted by the current narrative of hate and c=deceived by the lies of those who continue to profit off the division of America.

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