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"Because "Liberty must be defended at all hazards." - John Adams

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Liberty First University Course Previews

This category lists all currently available Liberty First University courses. The first class "Genealogy of Liberty" is required before taking any other course.


The General Welfare & Commerce Clauses are two of the most abused portions of the Constitution; used to expand federal power beyond the limited and defined scope delegated through the Constitution. Learn what the writers of the Constitution had to say about these clauses and the discussions they had about the limits of federal power.

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America's founders suffered through decades of a lawless and oppressive British government trampling the colonists' rights. For much of that time, the colonists petitioned and pleaded with their government while remaining loyal to the crown. However, there came a time when their sight shifted to separation and independence, then finally armed conflict. Several major events contributed to the sentiment toward independence. Four of those events are covered in this course: The Regulators War in North Carolina, The Liberty Pole Skirmishes & The Battle on Golden Hill in New York, The Boston Massacre, and the Gaspee Affair in Rhode Island.

  1. Intro: Road to Revolution
  2. The Regulators War
  3. The Liberty Pole Skirmishes & The Battle of Golden Hill
  4. The Boston Massacre (Coming April 6)
  5. The Gaspee Affair (Coming April 13)

Course includes PDF workbook you can download, print and use as a study guide.

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Natl Emerg 1

By KrisAnne Hall, JD

When Americans ask questions like “Can the president do…?” “Can the House, Senate, or Supreme Court do…?” the first sources that must be consulted are the Constitution and the people who drafted it. If the Constitution provides no authority for the activity, then the power does not Constitutionally reside in the hands the federal government. So more to the root of the question being asked, “Does the Constitution enumerate a power to the President to declare a state of emergency?

1. Course Preview

2. Class 1: Introduction: Asking the Proper Questions

3. Class 2: Where Does the Power Exist

4. Class 3: What Does the Constitution Say

5.Class 4 Can the Congress Constituionally Delegate their Power?

6. Class 5: Article 4 section 4 & Presidential Power

7. Class 6:  Article 4 section 4 part 2

8. Class 7: coming April 26, 2019

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The modern narrative teaches that the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. That is simply not true. This class will teach you the true history of women voting in America, and its a story of courage, power, & influence.

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