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"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties...
when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved"
- Sam Adams

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The KrisAnne Hall Show covers current events in the context of the Constitution and the vision of our founding fathers; asking the questions and giving the truth you won't hear from other media sources.

We are a Teach Show not a Talk show.  Giving you the daily news they way it should be told.  Fact not Fake.  Truth not Propaganda.  Principle not Party.

Shows can be heard on the website, the Liberty First mobile app as well as on the Liberty First YouTube Channel.

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This is what happens when those in government become unaccountable; misconduct and immoral behavior becomes rampant in society. Time is up. Time to become completely intolerant to political immorality on ALL LEVELS.

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Once AGAIN Florida is steeped in Voter Fraud accusations. Today we will show you why this is happening in Florida, the real source of the problems. Hmmmm... wonder why this kind of in depth discussion isn't happening in the mainstream? We will tell you why!

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There is an attack on Matthew Whitaker, no surprise, but this is bigger than Whitaker and bigger than Trump. We must make sure the proper narrative is told. Take this 30 minute challenge. Defeat the lies once and for all. Take Back The Narrative!!! Put Liberty First!

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Dividing America are the very people who are supposed to be the independent and fact driven parts of society. Listen as we talk about the 9th Circuit legal misconduct in the DACA Opinion and the media with their agenda driven stories. And then you can wonder with us why the pundits are not talking about the obvious.

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