1. Please let me know who/what to make the check out to and where to mail it to. Thank you—really enjoyed the presentation tonight.

  2. Please let me know who/what to make the check out to and where to mail it to. Thank you—really enjoyed the presentation tonight.

    • Please make the check out to: Constitutional Education & Consulting, Inc. mail to PO Box 26, Wellborn, FL 32094. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  3. You are the best Kris Ann. Please let me know where I can send a check to. I will be happy to help you out with your youth program. Good Luck and may God continue to bless you and your family…..

  4. After watching a YouTube video of one of your speeches I am on board! I have just received your book and DVD set. I was a Bundy Ranch protester. I have learned more from you than in all my 46years. I am We The People. I am an American. I am ready. I will Not Comply! Thank you ! You Are Making A Difference!

  5. I know there is a GoFundMe account set up to donate money for a new vehicle but I heard that they get a portion of the donation. Is there another way to
    donate for the vehicle where KrisAnne will get it all?

  6. tried to make a recurring donation through my paypal account but it doesn’t take for some reason. I just put in my debit card tonight for a $20 a month donation. We will see if that works. If it doesn’t then I am smelling a rat … somewhere …

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for the heads up. It’s very strange that PayPal would have an issue this way but we’ll look into it. If you can recall any specific PayPal error message it would be helpful if you could relay that. I suspect I’ll likely end up having to call PayPal on this but without a specific error message not sure they’ll be much help. Thanks. .Dan

      • It won’t let me make recurring payments either. I’ve tried several times. It just sits there inactive. Like it’s waiting for confirmation from your side. I don’t know though.

        • Steve, my name is Dan, I take care of KrisAnne’s technical side of the operation and I’ve tested this without no issue. I’m able to put in an amount and go to PayPal without error. If you’re saying that you don’t even get to PayPal can you reply with the page URL that where you’re entering the amount and if you even get to PayPal? Thanks. Standing by. Dan

  7. I saw you on c-span (book tv) just a couple of weeks ago. I immediately ordered your book, “Sovereign Duty”. Once it arrived I started reading and could not put it down. As a Christen and a patriot, you are my kind of gal. God bless you and your family, and your work. (Although I see this as more of a calling) Check’s in the mail.

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