KrisAnne Hall Radio Show

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Share on TumblrKrisAnne speaks with the AUTHORITY and EXPERIENCE that many other hosts simply DO NOT HAVE. This Constitutional attorney with grassroots principles and bulldog tenacity will expose the attacks on Liberty being perpetrated by the government on both sides of the isle. Listen as she and her guests give SOLUTIONS and DIRECTIONS for restoring […]



Share on TumblrThe Supreme Court is not our ruler. They do not issue “rulings” they issue “opinions.” Its about time we understand the difference and refuse to comply when the Oligarchy tries to usurp the Republic!

Two SCOTUS Opinions- One Result


Share on TumblrTwo SCOTUS opinions. One result. Federal power expanded, Constitution destroyed.

SCOTUS & Obamacare: Both Unconstitutional


Share on TumblrSCOTUS delivers their latest opinion on Obamacare. We review why the Supreme Court has no authority to expand federal power and how the ACA is unconstitutional regardless of what SCOTUS say.

Division Destroying Liberty


Share on Tumblr“No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.” Samuel Adams

NEA Launches Attack On Home Schooling


Share on TumblrThe largest labor union in the US, based in Washington DC has released its resolutions that declares war on home schooling. How long before the politicians give them what they want?

We Need The Help of Patriots Today!

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Share on TumblrGreetings Liberty Loving Patriots!  We are off to a great year for the Liberty First mission.  We have already taught hundreds of high school and college students, legislators, Sheriff Deputies, as well as Liberty minded (and some not so Liberty minded) groups.  I am working so hard, traveling and teaching on average of […]

Our Rights Are Not Our Enemy


Share on TumblrWhy have we allowed our Rights to become our enemy. How has that happened?

Imagine an America where…


Share on TumblrImagine an America where everyone fights for Liberty like they fight to get their morning coffee. Where Americans can name 5 Liberties of the 1st Amendment faster than the name of The FIVE on Fox or people on The View. Just imagine what that might be like…

Ending the Racial Divide Once & For All


Share on TumblrGovernment must use division to destroy the Liberty of the people. We can destroy this weapon with truth. If we just knew this, there would be no power in the government’s efforts to racially divide us.

The Reasons Why We Must Resist Big Government


Share on TumblrToday is the 800th Birthday of the Magna Carta. Studying this history tells us exactly why our Constitution is relevant today and why we should be resisting every governmental action contrary to the Constitution is a requirement to preserve Liberty!

TPA: International Executive Orders


Share on TumblrBecause Executive Orders have worked out so well for us at home, Congress is trying to push the same authority for international agreements. Isn’t that great? That is exactly what TPA is, International Executive Orders, even the “experts” admit it. So why are our Congressmen so stupid to repeat that mistake?

A Town Who’s Had Enough


Share on TumblrJohn Day, Oregon in Grant County Oregon has had enough of federal rule, enough of federal control, enough of federal theft of their land, their lives, and their Liberty and they have a Sheriff who is willing to defend them in their stand against tyranny.