KrisAnne Hall Radio Show

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KrisAnne speaks with the AUTHORITY and EXPERIENCE that many other hosts simply DO NOT HAVE. This Constitutional attorney with grassroots principles and bulldog tenacity will expose the attacks on Liberty being perpetrated by the government on both sides of the isle. Listen as she and her guests give SOLUTIONS and DIRECTIONS for restoring America and […]

Republicanism And Representation

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Guest Blog by Robert Townsend   Am I the only one to notice that when a Democrat-Communist attempts to win an argument, they will nearly always call out their opponent as a racist, bigot or homophobic? Have you also noticed that these insults to our intellectual honesty are, in nearly every instance, levered against the […]

Who is Crispus Attucks?


Crispus Attucks was the first man to die in the revolutionary war. And did you also know that he was a freed slave but he believed in liberty and he fought for liberty and he died for liberty. Our children go through school learning about whatever the ‘state’ feels appropriate but they do they tell […]

Amnesty On Trial


by KrisAnne Hall If the federal government were a person, if Congress were subject to the laws they create, they would face fines, prison or both for many of their actions. The ENLIST Act, being touted as a “pathway” to citizenship for illegal aliens may be one of those actions. It could be argued that […]

What Rand Paul Isn’t Telling You in His Filibuster


On March 5, 2013 Sen. Rand Paul held a 13 hour filibuster against John Brennan’s nomination to head the CIA, citing his concerns over the administration’s belief in the ability to use drones to assassinate US Citizens. On March 6, 2013 Sen. Ted Cruz grilled AG Eric Holder over the issue of using drones to […]

Sowing Seeds of Liberty


I love being able to talk to people about our amazing heritage and the Liberty we’ve received from God. I’m always looking for the door to open so I can educate on these founding principles. I recently flew from Jacksonville, FL to Islip, NY. Sitting next to me was a very nice woman. You know […]

Losing The First Amendment


The government will NEVER come out and repeal the 1st Amendment. They will never even suggest we modify or amend it. What they will do is declare that we are not “defining” it properly and they will happily provide us with that definition. We were warned this would happen in Federalist Paper 84. Alexander Hamilton, […]

Oligarchy Of Thieves


  Our government has been infected by Federal Supremacists. They commonly assert that the Supreme Court has the power to ultimately interpret the Constitution through judicial review and therefore sovereignly determine the limits of the power delegated to the federal government. They sometimes assert that federal law itself is superior to the Constitution. In reality, […]

Florida Dreamin’


  GOP Gov. Rick Scott and GOP-controlled Florida legislature has passed OVERWHELMINGLY in-state tuition for ILLEGAL ALIENS. The Bill was driven by GOP Leader Will Weatherford from Wesley Chapel. Illegal aliens will now be eligible for benefits traditionally reserved for citizens who possess legal residence in the state and which are not available for those […]

Right To Resist


Recently someone said that God never calls someone to act in anger. If that’s so we must ignore the fact that in John 2:15 Jesus, himself got angry at the money changers in the temple and made a whip and overturning tables started driving people out of the temple : And when he had made […]