KrisAnne Hall Radio Show

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KrisAnne speaks with the AUTHORITY and EXPERIENCE that many other hosts simply DO NOT HAVE. This Constitutional attorney with grassroots principles and bulldog tenacity will expose the attacks on Liberty being perpetrated by the government on both sides of the isle. Listen as she and her guests give SOLUTIONS and DIRECTIONS for restoring America and […]

A Congressman and the Constitution


Congressman Gosar of Arizona believe that because 50% of the people don’t believe in the Constitution that you can’t stand for the Constitution alone.

Taxes = Legal Plunder


Legal plunder in the form of taxes is still plunder. And it is a favorite tool of BOTH parties. Listen to the definition of legal plunder and see how ALL government is guilty.

Govt. Surveillance & The SOTU


My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6 Cutting through more lies and propaganda. Time to break free and embrace the truth, regardless of WHO the truth indicts.

Are You An Extremist?


According to the federal government I am an extremist. So let’s review what our government has declared they must combat.

When the Government Kidnaps Your Kids


Why do we have more Rights in they eyes of the government to our home than we do with our children? A hometown story that should not be happening. And the media is conspicuously too quiet about all of it.

Half Measure


Immigration, DHS and the Constitution. What’s Boehner lying about now?

Do They Hear Us in DC?


Are Congressmen finally hearing the People? Sen. Sessions admits Congress Has the Power to Defund! We have been saying this for 3 years. After the courage of the 25 are they finally hearing us?

Jobs, Oil Trump Constitution

gas and oil

The Keystone Pipeline is a major hot topic these days.  I feel obliged to bring up some concerns about the language of HR 3, The Northern Route Approval Act which the House of Representatives passed to clear the way for laying the pipeline.  Justin Amash, Representative from the 3rd District in Michigan, first alerted us […]

Keystone Pipeline Bill HR 3 – Unconstitutional!


Why is all the talk about the Keystone Pipeline focused on the environmental impact when the legislation that came out of the House for this project is completely unconstitutional? What your congressman didn’t tell you about his “yes” vote.

Time to “de Blasio” House GOP

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Republics are governments where the elected representatives are responsible for creating laws, voting, and allocating funds based upon the will of their constituents.  What we witnessed in the recent speaker of the House election was not a Republic in action.  What we witnessed and continue to witness from the GOP and their leadership is an […]

2 Minute PSA to Constitutional & Tea Party Americans


A Plan of Action that Can Solve All our Problems in Congress. Do you possess the Courage of the 25?

Taxation, Legislation, & Tyranny


Taxation without representation. Legislation without representation. Tyranny in Representatives. Lessons that MUST be learned.