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Coming August 2017

Coming August 2017



kris-anne-hall-about-home-pageKrisAnne Hall, Constitutional Attorney, Author, Speaker, Radio Host

We need a revolution of the mind. The Liberty First message will inspire and inform. We can't recapture our future without the hard earned wisdom of the past. [continue reading]

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Healthcare Dissected

As the political drama over federally mandated and funded healthcare drags on and on, citizens are left scratching their collective heads wondering … [Read More...]

KrisAnne Hall on Video

Feds, Trump, & Constitutional Standard

The Constitution is not a living breathing document. When our government goes against the Constitution for whatever reason, then they are breaking the law.


Roots of Liberty, Home School Edition

If you’re home schooling your children, or know anyone who is, this DVD is a must have and is a great primer and companion to KrisAnnes book “Essential Stories for Junior Patriots“

Rediscover Your Bill of Rights

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are being whittled away with each passing day, through intent as well as ignorance – and with them the protections for our God-gifted liberties. In this 3 DVD set KrisAnne presents the foundational history of our Constitution. Information essential to the defense of Liberty.


From a Police Office  

“I attended a class in Bellaire Michigan today and I think every American should attend. Very informative and concise. I learned a lot as my academy training failed me. We need to change the way academies train police officers.” Police Officer, William Robbins,

Bellaire, MI   

Training Generations to Put Liberty First

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