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Many of you do not know this about me, but I feel moved to share my testimony this morning. In my younger years I was heavily into the occult and new age religion.  This religion suggests […]


While the jihadists continue to ravage the Middle East (astoundingly unslowed by tough-sounding speeches) our decapitated economy creeps along. When the unemployment rate is “improved” by way of folks giving up their search for a […]


During the pamphlet debates (Federalists and Anti-Federalist papers) over the ratification of the Constitution, the Anti-Federalists highlighted several key areas where they felt the language in the proposed Constitution did not adequately prevent the new central government from becoming as tyrannical as the monarchy they had just defeated. Among their concerns was the possibility that the new central government could someday create a standing army that would eventually roam and patrol our streets and harass our citizens.

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Jihad on American soil! Where is the media? Make no mistake the First Amendment is under attack. Time to get educated…time to take back Liberty!

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Are you smarter about the Constitution than an 8th grader? Today we will hear questions presented to me by an 8th grade class in Mater Dei Academy in Wickliffe, OH. And you won’t believe the […]

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Whose money is FEMA spending anyway? Congress gives permission to corporations to plunder pensions, paid by tax dollars, see just how its done. Obama gives a “drone-style” press conference. This and more on today’s show! […]

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Who is Crispus Attucks?

Crispus Attucks was the first man to die in the revolutionary war. And did you also know that he was a freed slave but he believed in liberty and he fought for liberty and he died … [Read More...]

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This is not the normal children’s book. Most children’s books are picture books with some words; this is a “word book” with some pictures. It is meant to be a tool that parents can use […]


You’ve heard the argument from all corners about how t he Constitution is a “Living, Breathing Document” and you might even thing that such a claim is true and has some validity in fact. The […]


America has lost its way.  There is widespread ignorance of American history and the core principles that ought to inform our politics and policy. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are being whittled away […]